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08 November 2007 @ 11:52 pm
Add All

1. Open Admin Console.
2. Copy and paste the form below, then click execute.

08 November 2007 @ 11:24 pm

If there are any complaints or comments, then by all means, we the mods encourage you to speak up! Comments will be screened for annonymity, so please don't hesitate to reply. Regardless of the severity, we the mods will do our best to make this a drama-free(at least OOC!) game. Please use the form below to file any complaints or observations.

08 November 2007 @ 10:25 pm
Taken Characters

Character Name Character LJ Player LJ
Character Name Character LJ Player LJ
Character Name Character LJ Player LJ
Character Name Character LJ Player LJ
08 November 2007 @ 09:10 pm
Player Information

Player's Name:
Player's LJ:
Player's Contact Info(email/MSN/AIM ect.):
Anything the Player feels like sharing?

Character Information

Character's Name:
Character's Series:
Character's Age:
Taken from(post-, pre-, mid-)?

Background: (Please be as detailed as possible. We understand that some characters' have omitted pasts, so it is inevitable that there be some fan interpertation, however please stick as close to canon as possible.)
Personality: (We ask that you be moderately detailed, however don't worry. We don't expect a full essay on their psyche(unless you feel like doing so, then by all means!))
Appearance: (Again, we ask for moderately detailed.)
Powers(if applicable):

  • Main Power
  • (Please be descriptive.)
  • Secondary Power
  • (Please be descriptive.)
  • Additional
  • (Please be descriptive, and you may add one more additional power if you need to, however we must insist that you keep it within bounds. Powers are subject to discussion should the mods feel the character is overpowered. We will speak with you privately if this situation arises.)

Journal Post Sample(as if the character were writing about their day):

Role-play Post Sample(as if the character were interacting in a log):

______________________(please fill in the blank so that the mods know you have read and understood the rules(you only have to fill this out once, if this is a second/third/fourth character then simply fill in "hay gayz wut's gon' on?")):


Permission/Stat Meme

Eye Color:
Hair Color/Cut:
Any Physical Anamolies?(Scars, tattoos, markings, ect.)
Style of Dress:
Sexuality: (What are you as a player comfortable playing as/with?)
Personal Preferences:
Unique Fact:
What is acceptable with this chracter? (Can we hurt this character? If so, to what extent? Physical or psychological pain? Can we kill this character? What is acceptable to be said around them? What will set them off? Ect., ect.)